We Have a Quantum Entanglement, Says SURVIVOR’s Tarzan of Wife

“We have a quantum entanglement.”

— Tarzan from SURVIVOR

On the 11th Episode of Survivor One World, 2 May 2012, they brought in the contestants’ family/friends after they’d been away for a month.  We got a chance to see some emotional reunions, even among the most hardass of the players.  Something Tarzan, the last man standing, had to say caught my attention.  He told Jeff Probst that he felt his wife’s presence on the island.

Whoa. I understood what he meant.  This is what I mean when I talk about energetic connectionsand the empathic bonds I have with loved ones across the miles.  Then again, maybe it was just a fluke that he said that.  At least, that’s what I told myself until he said of his wife,

“We have a quantum entanglement.”Empath Subscriber List

Empath pageYes.  He understands empathic bonds, energetic connections, and quantum entanglement.

I’m glad that more press is being given to empaths.  Check out this page and the video where these connections are described as an invisible umbilical cord across distance.  Yes, that is exactly how it feels to an empath.