New Book on Grief and Loss Is Out on Kindle in Time for Holiday Depression

Working through Grief

The holidays can be a very, VERY difficult time for those who have suffered a recent  loss or suffered a loss close to the holidays of past years. I find that most people are either too stressed over Christmas or too depressed, and far too few are really joyous or serene between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.   I openly acknowledge that people who are grieving often feel it at its rawest at this time of year.

Working Through Greif is now available for your Kindle or Kindle app. This book has been available and selling well as a pdf on this site for some time now but I have been remiss in uploading it to Amazon for Kindle.  I’ve probably received more positive feedback on this one subject than on everything else I’ve ever written.

It was originally written for my best friend over a decade ago when she lost her mother, based on my own experiences with friends and family.  When Daddy died 5 years ago this weekend,  I went back and read it as a reader rather than as a writer, and it still rang true for me.  For those of you who purchase it, I sincerely hope it helps you find a better peace of mind so you can to honor what you’ve lost.

Life Coaching Tips

Working through Grief: Tips for Coping with the Pain of Loss

by Lorna Tedder

Published by Spilled Candy Books

Originally written for authors who were trying to earn a living through their creativity while emotionally devastated, this short book has been updated for anyone facing the death or loss of a loved one–and trying to figure out how to keep moving forward. The book covers the definition of grief, the expected length of mourning, the unexpected emotions and reactions, dealing with “stupid” (though well-intended) comments, and many tips for coping with the pain that comes with loss.

Working through Grief has been used by support groups, grief counselors, and religious organizations to help their members and clients find some measure of peace.



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