Special Ebook Sale through Thanksgiving–Catch It Now!

Don’t forget– our special 99 cent ebook special lasts another 10 days!  After that, the prices return to normal, and we’ll be introducing some new material.

To celebrate our personal and professional plans for the future–more to come on that–we are putting most of our backlist on sale for $.99. Not all, sorry–we don’t have the rights back to all our previously published books.

For now, the following novels and non-fiction guides are available from Amazon Kindle as $.99 ebooks. Click on the book cover below for more information and download links.

Attract Him Back by Lorna Tedder Give Your Life Direction by Lorna Tedder The Long-Awaited, Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy by Lorna Tedder Magickly Delicious by Lorna Tedder, Shannon Bailey, and Aislinn Bailey A Reverence for Trees by Lorna Tedder Access: An End Times Thriller by Lorna Tedder Flying by Night by Lorna Tedder The Archangel's Return by Lauren Hartford Celebrating the Tower Card by Lauren Hartford Fire Burning in Water by Lauren Hartford Salt and Fire by Lauren Hartford The Sweetest Poison by Lauren Hartford


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