Cleansing your House with Fire and Salt

Salt and Fire House Cleansing Rituals

If you’ve moved into a new house or just moved your ex out of your house, you know that sometimes your living space just feels…icky.  Some people sage.  Others open all the windows and let the stagnant air move around and fresh air move in.  Some dance, drum, raise energy to get old energy cleared out.

One of my favorite methods is the one used in this short “instructional” novella, Salt and Fire: Cleansing and House Purification Rituals, by Lauren Hartford.  It’s told in fiction-form to show you step by step how it’s done and any potential hazards to watch out for.

What I like most about the Lauren Hartford Method is that it combines four elements, even though it seems that it would combine only two.  Salt, of course, represents the element of Earth.  Alcohol becomes a burning liquid, so the elements of both Water and Fire seem to play together.  The strong, fresh smell–the element of Air–is the result as the other three elements react to each other.

Get the book.  It’s only a few bucks and you need to know the dangers before you try such a serious “house-cleaning.”

PDF version. $3.00 Retail Price. Download pdf file now.