Book Spotlight on a Cleansing and House Purification Rituals Guide

Salt and Fire House Cleansing Rituals


Today’s Book Spotlight is on Salt and Fire:  Cleansing and House Purification Rituals.  Lauren Hartford uses a “novel approach” to explaining how to perform a complicated (and possibly dangerous) ritual to cleanse your home.  All details are provided in the form of a short novella, covering the materials needed, the actual process, the dangers, safety precautions, helpful hints and tips, possible results, and various considerations that you won’t find in the usual “how-to” book.

As with all of Lauren’s books in her Priestess Diaries series, these novels, novellas, and short stories  are “teaching fiction.”  They stand alone or can be read as part of a whole if you like the characters Lauren presents.

Salt and Fire is one of the shorter books and can be read easily in one sitting.  Even slow readers can finish it within an hour.  It’s available only in pdf, so you can download it to your computer or mobile phone.   Retail price is $3 – good info, and for the price of a quickie vending machine snack!

Flying By Night novel

Other books by Lauren Hartford focus on protection rituals, hypnosis and guided meditations, the Law of Attraction, and real witch wars, with two upcoming books on listening to your intuition and building inter-dimensional portals.


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