Grief and Loss Must Be Worked Through, Not Ignored

Book cover for Working through Grief: Tips for Coping with the Pain of Loss


Traumatic experiences, grief, and loss can take a heavy toll. Death, dying, divorce, sexual abuse, and suicide aren’t things you just “get over.” You have to heal them from the inside out.

Life Coaching Tips

Forget everything you’ve heard about “getting over it” and coming out of mourning on a specific time table. Time does not heal all wounds—it merely gives you perspective. What does heal the wounds of traumatic experiences is being able to look hard at what happened, slowly reaching a point of being able to honor your experiences or what you lost, and release the weight of your mourning. Not that the scars left behind won’t be sensitive to the touch, but you can get back on your feet and walk again and, yes, eventually dance again.


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