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The following spiritually eclectic and pagan blogs are in effect as of 23 October 2012 and will be updated/removed as necessary. If you write an eclectic blog or a pagan blog and don’t see your link below, please leave a message in the comments–we want this directory to be complete and up-to-date!   For blogs with broken links, those will appear below with a line through the blog’s name until a better link is provided. A blog’s appearance in this directory does not necessarily constitute The Spiritual Eclectic’s agreement with its views.

To find out why and how this directory was put together, read The Mystery of the Missing Pagan Blogs.

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Flying By Night novel

The Complete Spiritually Eclectic and Pagan Blog Directory

2 Witches in a box

4 of Wands

5 Things I Need

8 Inanna

A Bewitched Path

A Changing Altar

A Darker Shade of Pagan – Pagan Sounds from the Musical Underground 

A Heathen’s Path

A Journey of Spiritual Self Discovery

A Modern Druid

A Roman Polytheist


A Witch’s Journey

A Witch’s World of Wonder


Adventures and Musings of a Hedgewitch

Adventures on the Dusken Path

Aepril Schaile

African Alchemy


Aj / Melia



Aleks Lokiskona


Amanda Pearl

Amber (Black cat’s and witches hat’ s)

Americana Magic

AMuse of the Goddess

Amused Grace

Amy Law

An Eclectic Witch In Training

And Through The Wood

Andraste’s Hare

Andrew Lore

Anemone’s Assays

Anna’s Catch ‘n Release

Anna’s Practical Witchery

Annabeth – In Books and Stars

Annika Garratt

Aoibheal’s Lair

Aprendiendo Wicca


Armed Venus

Artemisia Whispers in the Night

Ashley Benney

Ashtoreth Eldritch

Aurora Brierley

Aus Gaia – Blog of an Australian Pagan

Autumn Pulstar


Barefoot Witch

Baring the Aegis

Bay Oread

Bayou Sidhe

Bean Tighe

Beasts of the Brain

Becoming An Apostle Of Unconditional Love

Belladonna Nightingale

Beneath the Witch’s Moon

Beth Owl’s Daughter — Practical Wisdom for Extraordinary Living

Beyond the Circle

Biblebelt Witch

Billy Observes – The View of a Wolf Angel

Birch Goddess

Bitten Usagi’s Sanctuary


Book Of Mirrors

Book of Shadows

Brigid Diana


Broom With A View


Bunny Sunday (Randi)

Butterflies and Breezes

By Land Sky and Sea

By Stag and Eagle

By Stag and Eagle


Cainwyne Ravenheart



Cat @ Tarot Journal


Causing Arokis

Celtic Musings

Cena : Wane Wyrds

Chasing Domestic Bliss

Chicory Cottage

Child of Aphrodite

Christopher DeGraffenreid

Confessions of a Hedge Witch

Confessions of a Modern Witch

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom


Craft Goddess PJ

Crafty Sandi

Crone’s Place

Crystal’s Cajun Cauldron

Crystal’s Cajun Cauldron

D. Corobane

Dana (Land, Sky & Sea)

Dance Of The Goddess

Dara Nic Dhana

Dark Angel Z’s Lunar Musings

Dark Moon Faye

Dark Wiccan

Darrell Undery

Darren Manley (aka. Hg- Rising)

Daughters of Eve

David’s Cauldron

Dear Aradia


Diary of Bones

Dice & Diamonds

Discovering Autumn

Doing Magick

Dorothy Abrams, Anemone

Dream Faithful

Druid on the Prairie

Druish in the Desert

Dw3t- Hthr – Letters from Gehenna



Earth and Ash

Earthy Mom


Eiliathia (aka Ella)

Elayne Lockhart

Elena- Maria




Ellen Dugan’s Blog of Witchery

Em Kat Creations

Emerald and Black





Fae Nathara


Fairies Wheel

fairy boy

Faith Is A Journey…

Feral Flute

Finding My Wiccan Way

Flame and Forge


Frater Docet Umbra

Frater Frabato


Gangleri’s Grove

Gemma Cooper

Get Sex Savvy

Gilly K Denham


Gold of the Valley, Lapis of the Rive

Green Man Chronicles

Growing a heart

Gypsy Magi Q

Hä xhem



Harmonic Spirit


Haunted Hallowed Madness

Hê rakleion

Hearth Moon Rising

Heathen Ideas

Helpful Teresa

Hemlock & Hawthorn

Hestian Lily

Hurry Slowly


I ♥ Pentacles

I Heart Paganism

Icefern Magic


Including Paganism

Inner Sanctum

Inspiring Ginger

Intentional Insights: Q&A From Within

Into the Dawn

Invoking The Balance

Irmata / submerina

Isleen’s Magickal Mist-ery Tour

It’s Just You, Me, and the Moon

It’s My Life

Jamie Ray

Janet Callahan

Jay Andrew Allen

Jeaux’s Meaux Jeaux


Journal of a Wandering Witch

Journal of a Wandering Witch – Cormac

Journeying to the Goddess

Kalamar Nur


Kallan Kennedy


Kemetic Reconnaissance

Kenn Payne

Kitchen Witch

Kitsune Yokai

Kitti On Her Journey

Kiwi Karnage

Knowing is Half the Battle

Krimsyn Fyre

L.M Scott

Lady Gwenhwyvar

Lady Kane

Lady Kane

Lady Of The Abyss

Lady of the Flame


Lamplight Spirit

Lara Lunara

Laurelei Black

Lazy Witch


Learning Wicca

Lexxy V

Life as a Blue Flower

Life as a City Witch



Linda’s Realm

Living The Craft

Living With Other People’s Gods

Loki’s Bruid

Looking Glass

Loona Wynd

Lore Cathartes

luvlymish. com

Lying In The Swell


Lynn @ Polyvalent Logic


Lyric Soprano

Madame Molly’s Wicked Wares

Magickal Cat


Make Shift Moon

Mama Fortuna


Maris Pá i


Mead Muse


Merlyn’s Magick


Michelle McGrath

Missy Morrison Goodsell- Missy’s Ramblings

Mistress Alyxadrya

Mists of Mananná n

Mom’s Witchy Wanderings

Mommy Witch Pages

Moon Kissed

Moon Willow Witch

Moonlit Opal: Life of an Imperfect Pagan

Morag @ Innocence and Immanence

Mrs Green

Mrs Tee Pot

Musings Of A Magical Mom

Musings of Coffee

My Goddess Path

My Pagan Journey

My Tangled Threads

Mystic Muses of the Divination Divas



Naked Oak

Natalie Black

Nature’s Whisper


Notes From the Broomcloset: Numerology


Oak Willow Grove

Of Eskies and Alchemy

Off The Path


One Dark Angel’s Flight

One Witch’s Wonderland

Opening Temple Doors

Pagan by Design

Pagan Culture

Pagan Dad

Pagan Girl

Pagan Mood

Pagan Perspectives

Pagan Pickle

Pagan Ways, Pagan Days


Pamela Wiese


Per Sebek

Phaedrus- Twisted Pathways

Phoebe Fields

Phoenix LeFae

Pixie Dust and Dragonflies


Practical Cauldron

Practical Paganism



Radio Brujas

Rainbow Gryphon

Raise the Horns

Ramblings of a Witchy Bookworm

Randomly Witchy

Raven Willow Rune

Ravens Wyrd


Red Lady Moon

Rev. Jonathon S. Lowe; HP


Ride The White Horse


Rosa Sophia


Rose Szymanski

Rowan Pendragon


Rune Healing (aka Marc Rice)’s YouTube Channel 

Sacred Shadows

Sacred Survival in a Mundane World

Saevör Aelfwynn

Sage’s Corner


Sat Sekhem


Seba O’ Kiley

Serket Nemesia

Seshat Anqet Het Her



Sharmonia MoonWytch

Sherry Senicar’s Wiccan- Pagan Designs

Sheta Kaey

Since the Beginning

Singing Stone



Something Wicca This Way Comes

Soul Interaction

Spirit Stitch

Spirits of Serens Garden

Spiritual Thoughts

Spiritually Enchanted

Staff of Asclepius

Standing at the center

Stepping Stones

Storming the Castle

Summer Song

Sunstone’s Meanderings

Susan G

 Syncretic Mystic



Tansy Firedragon’s Tome

Tea Witch

Temple Of the Flea


Terrie Brookins

Thalia Took

That Witchy Place

The Antlered Road

The Art of Becoming

The Badge and Pentacle

The Barbed Pentacle

The Bespectacled Nerd

The Bitten Usagi’s Lair

The Brass Bell

The Busy Pagan

The Catbox by Cat Treadwell

The Chaos Witch

The Crone’s Voice

The Cunning Crone

The Cyfarwydd Witches Journey

The Dawn and The Dusk

The Deepest Well

The Druid Bird

The Elf Half

The Faery Enchantress

The Firefly Chronicles


The Good Witch Marie

The Green Fairy Grimoire

The Green Fairy Grimoire – Tumblr

The Hanged Man

The Juggler – Arts, Culture, and Pop-Culture from a Pagan Perspective 

The Knitting Kitchen Witch

The Life of an Imperfect Pagan

The Lion and the Dragonfly

The Little Sea Witch

The Living Wiccan

The Magickal Cottage

The Muddy Bud

The Multi- Faceted Experience

The Nest

The Opened Way

The Pagan In Me

The Pagan Life

The Pagan Monk

The Pagan’s Travel Guide to Central Europe

The Rocky Mountain Path

The Rose Witch

The Sacred Hearth

The Sky at Dawn

The Spiritual Eclectic –Because Spirituality Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

The Starry Path

The Temple Body

The Temple of Nature

The Twisting Path

The Voices in My Head

The Wee Free Witch

The Whimisical Cottage

The Whimsical Cottage

Wiccan Moonsong

The Wicked Witch Blog


The Wild Hunt – A Modern Pagan Perspective

The Witches Den

The Witching Well

The World According to China Cat

The world is broken.

Thora Drakos

Thorn the Witch

Thorny Path

Thoughts from the Warren

Thoughts of an Eclectic Pagan

Threegold & Beegold

Thunder and Ink

Tino Calenda


Tree of Life Learning Circle


Twilight and Fire

Under the Rowan Tree

Vanth the Firebird

Voice of the Witch


Walking the Tides


Way of the Rabbit

When Death Calls


Wicca Love

Wiccan Moonsong

Wiccan Ways

Wiccan Ways

William Stromberg

Willow’s Place

Witch´s Coffee

Witch´s Coffee

WitchDoctor Joe

Witchery grove

Witchy Rambles

Witchy_ Girl

Within the Dragon’s Lair

Wolf Angel

Words of a Fledgling Remetj

Writings of a Pagan Witch

Wyrd Anglo Saxon Priestess

Wytch of the North


Zo Raven


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23 Responses

  1. Lorna Tedder
    Lorna Tedder
    at ·

    Pls, if you don’t see your blog on here, add it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. We spent about 80 hours scouring the web for blogs, but I’m sure we didn’t get them all. Let’s make this a comprehensive list!

  2. Sophia C.
    at ·

    May I recommend The Catbox by Cat Treadwell? She’s a recently-published Druid priest in the UK.


  3. Eala
    at ·

    I’d like to recommend Pagan Culture, by Magaly Guerrero. She’s a really fun writer. Her site is here: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/

    I write a pagan blog, too, if you’re interested: http://www.pasoubliette.blogspot.com

    Thanks for putting this together. I see a lot of the blogs I follow on this list, and I’ve found several new ones (new to me) already.

  4. Bellatrix
    at ·

    I just found this blog, thanks to you including Armed Venus in your list. Thanks for the inclusion. See ya around!

  5. Lesley Lightbody
    Lesley Lightbody
    at ·

    Hi, you have thoughts from the warren which is my old blog … The new blog is http://ravenwillowrunesroost.blogspot.co.uk

    Thank you x

  6. Marienne
    at ·

    Wow, thanks for going to all that work for such a nice list! I would love to have my blog added. 🙂

  7. Bob Mosley
    at ·

    Lorna Hello,

    I think I have been in hibernation or something for a few months. Why does it seem longer to me? Anyway I have had some urges to contact you again, and I have learned to follow these prompts. I don’t always avoid trouble that way, but I avoid more by following then ignoring, I have learned.

    And I see you have started something that I like, that is the Spiritual Eclectic blog. I have for a long time been interested in “spiritual awakening” or the higher consciousness contact that is said to allow one into the midst of ultimate truth, from which he never languishes and wallows in the Sloth of Despond for ever more wondering what in the hell it is all about.

    You might not be the Mother of the Spiritual Eclectic, but you are the aunt of it or cousin of it at least for sure. In the past almost all teachings and movement as regards “union with God” looks back on previous cultures and ways of life and tries to adapt to the old ways. Your view could be the first that says Hey guys we live in the modern world and we have to be God’s son or daughter from this world with all the crazy and new things we have to deal with daily, and if nobody else understands that then God certainly does.

    I wasn’t sure of your email address so I thought I would send to an old one I had (above) and also will post on the blog (somewhere).

    By the way I have to say you look great in those photos. Life has been treating you good, even though you sound as you always have, that is having way too much to do and too much responsibility.

    I would like to ask to be a member of the Spiritual Eclectic blog with your kind permission. I promise to squelch some of those bazarros I sprung on you in the past (but not as bad as some I sprung on others). I believe I can gain a lot from this blog, and maybe even pass something on to someone that they would appreciate. I, as in the past, can always pass on to just about everyone a book they will refuse as having no interest in it whatsoever. I remember some of those you bounced back to me at something a little under the speed of light. But I never quit, as you will see below.

    As I told you I am very interested in the “awakening process”. But I am not that good at meditation, and very likely there are other ways. Also as lesser topic of spiritual progress I have become interested in out of the body travel, that is “Astral Projection”. I want to go into it and hopefully some of the members of the blog can help me. I am hoping that it is something more than lucid dreaming, or would astral projection and lucid dreaming be the same thing and with the same spiritual validity?

    If I can recommend the following books. The first one might be one of the best on attainment of higher consciousness in our time. It has some very beautiful and artistic passages. The other two are on astral travel, the last one being real short.




    If any don’t come up good for you let me know and I will send them to you via email. Sometimes these url codes are tricky, but I have each one and all I have to do is attach it to and email to you.

    Lorna, it has been good to be in touch with you again.

    Along this trail with you,


    PS: This Spiritual/Pagan Directory is wonderful. I hope I am allowed to use it. Thank you for doing it. It must have been a tough one to do.

  8. Bob Mosley
    at ·

    I hope I have the right reply block here. It seems to dance away on me. Lorna on your lucid dreaming and astral projections experiences did you go into this on some of your writings? I would like to check it out. And to comment on the “motto” of this blog “Not one size fits all,” it would be this comment: I am coming around to thinking well “One size fits one person. the one who is wearing it.” Another thing I wanted to ask your view on, or anyone, is what do you think of artificial intelligence in a few years offering to humanity totally different lives including many more years of life and even unlimited numbers of them. In other words technology, some think, can offer us eternal life, in our current soul incarnation. Could that be in the Creator’s plan somehow? I have been reading Ray Kurzweil lately and he will blow your mind. Check him on wikipedia. He is an advocate of the “Singularity”. One of his latest projects is he says is to raise his father from the dead via harnessing his DNA, molecular and genetic codes into computer software programs and have him come back in full. This is from a man who is a multi millionaire via his inventions. I find myself not ignoring this guy. Am I losing it? Or have? Can we be too skeptical about anything spiritual or technical? Or otherwise. I have a good friend or two that totally believe in aliens. What about that?

  9. Bob Mosley
    at ·

    Lorna, one reason I keep over the years getting back in touch (staying in touch?) is that I always know you will be straight and honest. And you don’t forget a whole lot. So I know that if a dog breed makes you think of me, you will just tell me, albeit one of the most intelligent and beautiful breeds. So thank you, and for your great openness. But sometimes I am open too. I bet you can’t tell me why collies make you think of me. : )

  10. Bob Mosley
    at ·

    OK L. you got me again. Well I asked for it. That was a very small detail. Where do you get such recall? Even I tend to forget that. OK I have learned again not to test you. In your own interest, touche.

  11. Bob Mosley
    at ·


    I like geometric sacred designs, and came across a neat one just now:



    Click on the above for a download link for the Sacred G Flower of Life Design and also the three Flower of Life Meditations.

    I hope you enjoy the PDF. You can print it out and put it under your pillow, or put
    it up on a wall, or use it as a screensaver or as part of a slide show.

    David Weitzman (in Israel) specialized in creating jewelry based on sacred geometric patterns. These special designs and harmonies are said to cleanse cells, clear the mind of limiting beliefs, and attain higher energy. This one goes on my bulletin board.

    My best, BobM

  12. BobM
    at ·

    I am a fan of Sacred Geomety. If you are or would like to be then a couple of sites are below:

    You might like the PDF. You can print it out and put it under your pillow, or put
    it up on a wall, or use it as a screensaver or as part of a slide show. I have it on my bulletin board.

    David Weitzman (in Israel) specializes in creating jewelry based on sacred geometric patterns. These special designs and harmonies help cleanse cells, clear the mind of limiting beliefs, and attain higher energy.



    Contact me direct if these links don’t come up for some reason.


  13. Meliad
    at ·

    Linking to my blog, Urban Meliad.


    (“Feminist Witch talks Magic, Animism, Local Food, Goddesses, Urban Agriculture, and Preserves”)

    Thank you,

  14. Jack
    at ·

    Would you please link my blog, Jack-a-dreams? Thanks.

  15. Jamie
    at ·

    The Cosmic Keys

    The Cosmic Keys Blog is the home of Cosmic Weather and other metaphysical musings by astrologer and intuitive counselor Irma Kaye Sawyer.



  16. Mia
    at ·

    Thanks so much for listing my blog!! A couple friends of mine have excellent Spiritually Eclectic/Pagan Blogs:



    Brigid Diana

  17. Joy
    at ·

    Thank you for doing this.

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