The Secret Lives of Librarians: A Paranormal Suspense Thriller

A The Secret Lives of Librarians: A Paranormal Suspense Thriller

by Lorna Tedder

Published by Spilled Candy Books, a component of Spilled Candy Enterprises, LLC

After Lilah was abducted as a child, the darkness in her has always been just below the surface. Well, almost always. Can she keep the monster inside her under control and find a new life purpose as the guardian of an ancient library of deadly secrets? Or is she destined for hell?

Daegan, a physics professor by day and High Priest of the Ancients Ones by night, will do anything to bring back his beloved Suzanna. Will he rescue Lilah from a cold-blooded killer determined to steal the key to life and death–only to sacrifice her on the altar of a long-forgotten god?

Published as a serialized novel.  Your kindle file is automatically updated with each episode release.

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2 Sept 2012:

Episode 1: The Key of Hell and Death.  A former “subject matter expert” in torture seeks a new life as a rare books librarian.  Can Lilah Burns rescue a Medieval book of biological warfare recipes? Or will the killer of its previous owner find the book first?

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