Empaths & Energetic Connections

Empaths and Energetic Connections

As an empath, I’ve written the following articles to share with you my experiences with empathy and what I call “energetic connections.”   Please direct other empaths (or people wondering if they might be empathic) to this page and feel free to link to us.


Must Read Articles for Empaths:

The Relationship between Empaths and Narcissists — This site’s #2 most read article provides some background as well as some tips for how I as an empath deal with narcissists.

What Energetic Connections Feel Like to an Empath — A very candid explanation of how “energy signatures” and connections feel

The Empath as a Human Antenna — How empaths experience energy.

An Empath and a Narcissist Walk into a Bar: No Joking Matter — Are empaths and narcissists two sides of the same coin?

Empathic Checklist:  13 Questions to Ask Yourself when You Feel Upset for No Reason — A detailed checklist for those just discovering their empathic abilities and trying to sort through the confusing feelings.

“Energetic Connections” – The Seventh Sense — Going beyond the Sixth Sense to feel connections with others in this 2008 article when I was just getting a handle on my “gift.”  Prior to this article, I rarely heard the term energetic connections used to describe psychic and empathic connections.

NEW! End of Mysteries: Climate Change, Archaeology, Astronomy, and the Apocalypse — Is our dying planet the reason for those turbulent empathic feelings?

Meditation Breakthrough on the “Shadow Farm” — How empathic bonds show up in my meditations and dreams.

An Empath’s Response to Dead Animals and Other Trending Images on Facebook — Ugh!  What is it with people posting images of horrific cruelty on their Facebook pages?  And why is it suddenly so prevalent?


Ask an Empath Articles:

Feeling Someone Else’s Physical Pain – Can an empath really feel someone else’s physical pain?  Examples of connections with close family/friends, strangers/acquaintances, and how it’s felt.

What Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder –  Empaths have a particularly difficult time with narcissists, so let’s look at the characteristics of a narcissist.

Passing Car Accidents — Do you as an empath feel pain when you pass a car accident?

Are Empaths Psychic Vampires? — Are empaths and psychic vampires the same thing?

Are All Leos Narcissists?  — A reader wonders about the connection between the astrological sign and narcissists.

Do Empaths Get Too Close Emotionally, Too Fast? — Why and how empaths fall so hard, so fast, and scare off good friends and mates.

Why Is My Empathic Boss So Wishy-Washy? — The boss who changes his mind with every time someone talks to him is driving you crazy?

Do Empaths Feel Spirits? — If an empath feels “regular people,” can an empath feel those who have passed?


More Articles for Empaths:

Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder Written in the Stars? (Applied Astrology) —   Some interesting conjunctions, particularly Venus Conjunct Pluto, in the birth charts of narcissists.

The Best Black Friday Deals for an Empath — 3 tips for solutions better than participating in the chaotic energy of Black Friday

Energy Exchange:  The Imperative Need in Any Relationship — An explanation of balance in relationships in terms of energy

Manifesting Needs vs Wants — The biggest difference between need and want is point of view, but that point of view can determine how easily something manifests.

Aura Readings Shouldn’t Hurt –and This One Doesn’t — An energy worker draws auras.  How she sees energy.

Demi Lovato, Child Suicide, and Early Relationships with Narcissists — Personal experience with adult narcissists bullying children, to the point of suicidal thoughts in the victims.

We Have a Quantum Entanglement, Says SURVIVOR’s Tarzan of Wife – I call it “energetic connections,” but some people call it a “quantum entanglement.”  Same thing.

Can Empaths Be Cruel? The Science of Evil and Its Effect on What I’m Writing – A review of Simon Baron-Cohen’s The Science of Evil: On Empathy and the Origins of Cruelty.

Empathic Abilities and Connections: “The Feeling” –  Basic article on empathy.

An Empath Discovers the High Heart Chakra: Speaking your Truth, Being Yourself – How I feel certain connections with certain people in different chakras.

The Energy Bubble and First Date Diagnostics – Feeling energetic bubbles burst during first dates when the connections are broken.

How We’ll All Recognize Each Other in Heaven – Sensing the energy of others.

Raising Vibrations with Pyramids — Photos of pyramid use within the home

Open Letter to a Psychic Spy — What happens when an empath feels someone else’s energy trying to invade

Interview with Marc Rice, Rune Healer — An interview with a rune healing Reiki master

 The Importance of Finding the Right Reiki MasterPart I  (Tammy Binkley) and Part II (Marc Rice)

Books about Empaths or Energetic Connections:

A Reverence for Trees (short novella)

The Sweetest Poison: Hypnosis, Coven Dynamics, and Energetic Connections between Lovers (novella)

The Secret Lives of Librarians – Serial – paranormal thriller  (Currently a free read)


  1. Cathy says:

    Dear Lorna, Can you suggest a place or way that I can connect in-person with other Empaths? I’ve joined an on-line group but I’m lost in a sea of non-Empaths and I don’t want to drown. Thank you for your response… ~ C.