Ask an Empath: Increasing Empathic Ability

A favorite spot in the late sunlight is perfect for some time alone and away from others' turbulent emotions.

Question:  Does living with other empaths, including your own children, make you more empathic?

In my own personal experience? Yes, absolutely.

When it was just me, alone, living in close quarters with someone who was most definitely not empathic in any way, shape, or form, I barely noticed my own empathic skills…mainly because I had merged emotionally with my roommate. The effect was similar to throwing a wet blanket over a fire. Once the blanket was removed and air got to the flame, the fire increased to a steady roar.

When one empath was added to the mix, I found that my sensitivity was not multiplied by two but instead was exponential to a factor of two. It was no longer my ability times someone else’s ability, but my ability, that person’s ability, and our ability as a separate merged entity in our relationship.

When a third empathic roommate was added to the mix, all of our abilities ascended to the next level with the newest and youngest empath making the biggest leap forward in sensitivity.

I think the same is true with empaths and any people with esoteric skills who combine their efforts.  They become much more than themselves and more of the two of them together. Their abilities, their emotions, their power–all combines into a separate, greater entity that is more than the sum of its parts. I think this is true of people who work together at the esoteric level in circles, churches, covens, prayer groups, healing circles, etc., but most especially if these people share the same space and the same air on a daily basis.


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