Ask an Empath: Emotions in Food

Do plants feel pain?

Do plants feel pain?

Question:  Do empaths sense emotions in their food?

Some do, but I’m not one of them.

In fact I’m not going to dwell on your question too long myself at the risk of awakening something in my empathic senses that would change my diet into something even stricter than it already is.

I do know of empaths who have discovered their gifts/curse, and the deeper they explored it, the more sensitive they became, not only to all other stimuli in their lives but to their food as well. Some of these empaths have developed such a sense of feeling emotion in their food that they have given up all animal products, particularity meat and fish.They’ve told me that all animals, birds, and fish felt or sensed their impending doom and that those emotions of beast, fish, and fowl are entrapped in the food they eat. All of these empaths have shifted over to vegetarianism or some derivative of it to accommodate–not political impulses or health impulses–but the extreme sensitivity to negativity and fear shortly before their food became food.

I do know of a few others who have opted to eat only the fruits or leaves of plants where the plant itself is not destroyed.

Having not experienced that level of sensitivity myself, I don’t really understand what they are feeling. However, I don’t see it as my place to criticize simply because I don’t have that level of sensitivity. I myself am becoming more sensitive in a different way, so that I have a sensitivity against processed foods but feel at one and at peace with whole foods–fish, eggs and meat products that haven’t been saturated in hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs–but that’s another story.


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