The Importance of Finding the Right Reiki Master or Energy Healer (Part I)


Tammy Binkley

Energy Worker – Tammy Binkley

As an empath, I’ve learned the hard way to be very careful of who does Reiki or any type of energy work on me.   Not only can I “pick up” on energy workers’  own issues without either of us ever touching the other, but I  can find my own energy muddied if the channel isn’t clear.

My first experience with an energy healer was almost a decade ago, and until Tammy Binkley’s work on me around 2 years ago, I refused to let anyone touch me.  Tammy really had to meet my high standards for me to allow her near me.  Here’s why:

It is imperative that you choose a Reiki Master or energy healer who has worked through their own shadows and won’t pass them along to you.   I think of energy as flowing through a pipe, albeit a human pipe, and into me as the subject being healed, having my chakras balanced, or having an energetic or emotional blockage moved.   Think of drinking water through a straw.   If it’s clean, pure water, the straw should be clean, too, or else the water will be dirty even if the dirt is too small to see.  The channel must be clear…the channeler of energy must be clear.  Otherwise, there is contamination.

Long before Tammy, there was….I’ll call her Astrid.    The first energy healer in my life, Astrid was excellent when I first met her, and she had a soft, glow-y feel to her.  Astrid was in a peaceful place in her life, with a vibration of serenity and ease.  Our first sessions were enlightening, with good results.   Then about  four months into our work together, Astrid began an extra-marital affair that she struggled to keep hidden.   Her energy changed drastically within two months’ time.   This is not a judgment against her activities, but an energy worker must take care of their own purity of flow.  The more Astrid became entrapped in lies to her husband and children, the more degraded our work together became.  Instead of healthy boosts after our sessions, I found myself having annoying little infections cropping up the day after every session.  I spent most of the season on antibiotics.  As an empath, I often got glimpses into Astrid’s own energy and issues when she worked on me, uncomfortably so.  I began suffering from some of the same insecurities I sensed in Astrid.

There’s just no way to avoid a mix of the energy of the healer and the subject.

After our work together finally fizzled, I tried a few other energy workers over the years, but if I sensed that they had serious issues of their own, I shied away.   I encountered very nice people who hadn’t cleared away their own shadows and were likely to share some muddled energy with me.

Tammy Binkley was the first energy worker and Reiki master to meet my standards and is the clearest energy I have felt in anyone, ever.   She’s a holistic aesthetician and yoga teacher at Tammy Binkley Skincare in Destin.  I was introduced to her work as a gift from a mutual friend.   Tammy also introduced me to non-chemical, organic products for the skin, which I’ll cover in a future post on boosting immunity.

As an empath, I can usually feel another person’s energy and its texture quite easily, and I often describe that energy in metaphors.   Tammy has the energy of a fairy floating in bubbles painted in prisms.  That sounds a little silly, but that is exactly how her energy appears to me.  It is a light, airy, positive, sparkly energy.  There is a sense of ethics and charity in her that I rarely see, and in a light and soothing way.  She incorporates her service to humanity in her facials, quietly adding Reiki to her organic skincare regimen so that her clients rise refreshed and relaxed.   As far as energy workers, she is a soother, smoothing out the jagged edges in her clients, calming overstimulated chakras, and opening energy blocks while doing what appears to be mundane face masks and creams..  As someone who does not relax easily to a new person’s touch–considering things that have happened in my life in the last year or so–I felt stiff as a board on the massage table, but Tammy eased me into softer feeling.  The phrase Work is worship perfectly describes Tammy’s approach to helping her clients by giving them a little something extra–a spiritual facial.

Tammy is a rarity, yes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more Tammys out there for energy work.  If an energy worker just doesn’t feel quite right to you, choose another.   Even if one energy worker has worked miracles for your friends, that person may not be right for you.   Get a chance to read about that person’s work, talk to others, and–if at all possible–meet the person before he or she works on you.  If they’re having problems in certain areas, stay away! For me, those areas are:

1.  Integrity.  If the energy worker is lying, sneaking around, stealing, and especially if they are justifying why it’s okay to behave that way, they don’t meet my standards.

2.  Addictions.   If the energy worker has problems with addictions–in particular, drugs and alcohol–then they’re not for me.

3.  Anger/Rage issues.   If the energy worker has a barely disguised–or not disguised at all–rage just below the surface, then I stay away.   If they say anything snarky or demeaning to me, I run.  If they enjoy hurting people out of spite, I run faster.

I don’t need any more of that in my life!

4.  Negativity.   This may seem petty, but it’s extremely important to me that I don’t mix my energies with someone who lives a life of doom and gloom and expects more of the same with every passing minute.   Yes, life can be hard, but energy work should boost me, not drag me further down.   Negative people make the harsh realities of life unbearable sometimes.   I don’t have to have a Pollyanna but I need healers who believe life is worth living.

5.  Greed.   All energy works should be given and received in balance, meaning that even what is given for free should have something given in return so that the flow is in balance.  That said, I’ve encountered energy workers whose primary focus was on money.  Sometimes they had personal issues with worry over paying the rent, and that translated into muddied energy, even though I gave them cash upfront and there was no issue with my paying for services rendered.   The drag of financial worry tainted their energy.

6.  Confidence, faith, or belief.   If an energy worker has no faith in himself or herself or in their abilities or the source of their abilities, then I cannot feel the flow of energy through them.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but these are the things that matter to me in whom I let touch me or merge energies with me.   Tammy was the first blessing of this type in my life, with her soothing energy.   Part 2 will focus on another energy worker and a different kind of blessing.