An Empath Discovers the High Heart Chakra: Speaking your Truth, Being Yourself

A happy high heart chakra

As an empath, I have become acutely aware of the High Heart Chakra , also known as the Thymic Chakra or Thymus Chakra.    I didn’t even know I had one until recently until it was activated by really and truly getting to be myself in a bond with someone else.

You’d think I might have found it sooner than mid-life, but I can’t complain…it wasn’t consciously activated and only the right situation could allow it to bloom on its own. I am very grateful to have discovered it at all.

I’ve been aware of the fairly well-known set of 7 chakras, or energy centers in the body for at least the last 15 or so years, and the more “traditional” 7 chakras do NOT include a “high heart” chakra or thymic or thymus chakra.

(To read more on The Seven Chakra Energy Centers, see the article at

It’s not that this additional chakra is anything new either.  Some energy practitioners believe there are 10 or even 12 chakras in and above/below the body. Perhaps even more.  And that no two people are alike and may have lesser chakras where others do not.

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The first time I heard of the High Heart Chakra was from shaman Kelley Harrell of Soul Intent Arts  ( ).  During a chakra clearing she did for me, the “usual” chakras didn’t turn up anything too murky but she mentioned a disturbance in my High Heart Chakra.  She was dead on, but I didn’t really understand it at the time.

You see, as an empath, I “connect” with people I am bonded with, whether they are family or friends, romantic or platonic, male or female.  (For more on energetic connections or empathic connections, see the article at  The strength of the connection depends usually on the depth of the bond and the location of the other person–the more intense the physical separation, the more intensely I feel the connection).  The physical location–where I FEEL the connection–depends on
the individual and the relationship.

There are particular people in my history and in my present whom I will sense in different chakras.  Sometimes, I will feel them in different quadrants of a chakra.  I will know something is seriously amiss by where I feel a sudden pang of anxiety or grief that is not mine.  Yes, I’ll be feeling quite happy and content when an abrupt gnawing dread or “disturbance in the force” becomes suddenly overwhelming to me.  Sometimes, even though many of these connections are felt in my Third Chakra (solar plexus), I will know exactly which loved one is in trouble or hurting.  I’ll call and get instant confirmation.  Other times, they’ll lie to me to ease my mind or because my gift freaks them out, but I’ll find out later that they really were upset at the time.

I dated a man several years ago who was in serious trouble but I didn’t know it.   Felt it, yes, but didn’t have any physical proof.  Even after he left the geographical area, I could feel when he was in trouble…which was later easy to confirm.  I used to get this feeling with my maternal grandfather when he was very ill and needed help, and still get it with my children, mom, and brothers.  Most of my close relationships, I’ve felt in my solar plexus, a few in my heart chakra, one in my throat, and another in my brow (sixth) chakra.  Now, I feel someone in my High Heart Chakra.

I’m generally not aware of my chakras when all is well with me AND all is well with the people with whom I’ve bonded.  I simply feel good and that’s that.  If things are abolutely wonderful, then I feel blissful but still I’m not acutely aware of my chakras.  But if something is wrong,  I feel a terrible ache in one particular location in my body, one particular chakra or quadrant of a chakra or combination of chakras aligned with that relationship.  In the same place I might feel deep overwhelming love, I will feel the emptiness, the anxiety, the grief.  The flip side of the coin, so to speak.

That’s how I discovered my High Heart Chakra–I’d been blissfully happy when one of my loved ones was deeply emotionally wounded.   I might as well have been shot there with an arrow.  The feeling couldn’t have been less different because I felt it as deep physical pain.

In some of my research, I’ve read that the High Heart Chakra is a lesser or minor chakra–or an in-between chakra–and that it’s located in the upper body as a pair.  They are supposedly on either side of the body, high up in the chest and directly below each collarbone.  I don’t feel them that way.  I feel only one, directly between my heart and throat, and I can pinpoint exactly where it is.  As far as I can tell, I have only one.Life Coaching Tips

Empath pageThe High Heart Chakra is supposedly an in-between energy center, between the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra.  One interpretation of it is that when it’s activated and open, we can speak our emotional truths.  To me, that means being able to be myself completely, to be open emotionally to and with someone, not to have to censor my feelings.  Of all my loved ones, I feel only one there and that is the very nature of the relationship–emotional openness, emotional truth.  I count myself as fortunate to have experienced a bond that facilitated this activation of emotion and empathy within me.