Are Crystals Interdimensional? How About Socks?

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

One of my missing Lemurian  crystal obelisks has re- turned. Well, sort of. Right now, it seems to be playing hide and seek with me. And my huge amber “teardrop” is still missing and what’s a witch with her jet and not her amber?

Attract Him Back

I’d blame the missing crystal and amber on a messy house but 1. my house isn’t very messy right now and 2. Someone recently                   suggested that  crystals  are “interdimensional” in their nature. The amber may simply be lost,  which would be tragic given the beauty of this particular piece.

I’ve heard of crystals appearing on the ground, seemingly out  of  thin  air.  People  who  walk  the  same  path every day, a literal path no one else walks, suddenly find a crystal on their footprint from the day before. This is actually a story I hear fairly often, and usually with the per- son  showing me the crystal that the Earth has gifted to them.

A respected teacher recently told me about a friend of his who misplaced (she’d thought)  a quartz crystal she’d been using in her  magickal  work. She’d thought  it was nearby, just under the furniture  or in the fabric, but the crystal never materialized.  No put intended. A long time afterward—months? a year?—she  found it in a box in a closet,  a  place where  she’d never been with the crystal and  where she hadn’t been since the loss of the crystal.

It   was suggested that   crystals sometimes get “overworked” and take a break by hiding in another dimension. Most of us just assume they’re lost forever.

I have  a  couple  of  Lemurian  crystals  that  I  work closely with. Yeah, my pet rocks.

When I was packing for the Florida Pagan Gathering a month ago, I decided to take a Lemurian obelisk as part of a show-and-tell  related  to  quantum physics  and  focused energy. I decided not to take the great big one—it had work to do at home!—so I took a smaller one.

While packing my suitcase, the first thing in was the obelisk and  the  amber teardrop, the amber being a very nice thing to have for manifesting, though I need to think of it as something other than a “teardrop”  unless maybe it’s for, I don’t know, teardrops of joy?

I changed my mind about this particular suitcase and emptied everything, including the crystal and amber.Flying By Night novel

While I packed everything in a larger suitcase, I laid the two pieces on top of a hollowed out pillar candle so they wouldn’t roll away or get bumped. When I finished packing, I carefully placed the two pieces in a secure and soft  place  in  my  luggage,  zipped  everything  up,  and loaded the car for Ocala/Altoona.

I had not even opened my suitcase,  fresh from the car, when I was  telling Raven Grimassi  about the obelisks. I opened my suitcase to show him and…I couldn’t find the crystal or the amber. I emptied the suitcase looking and they were not there.

Either that or Raven made them shy. So much for my show-and-tell!

I decided that I must have left the duet atop the big candle  beside  my  reading  chair,  but  when  I  returned home, they  weren’t  there.  I  emptied  the  suitcases,  but nothing.

Tonight (yes, I know it’s been  weeks since I returned) I decided to put the suitcases back in the closet. I’d left a small  item  inside  the netted,  see-through  inside  pocket and when I retrieved it, there was the crystal.  Just lying there. Smiling at me. Okay, maybe not smiling, but I fancied that it did.

I reprimanded it gently and placed it on the Light Al- tar,  telling  it  to  lend  a  little  assistance  to  the  Ten  of Wands card that’s quietly manifesting there. Until it’s will- ing to tell me where the amber went, it get to pull double- duty…until it rebels and disappears into another dimension.

I wonder if it hangs out with the socks that disappeared in the Philadelphia Experiment we re-enact occasionally in the washing machine….