How We’ll All Recognize Each Other in Heaven

 Foggy Graves Through Trees by ShotsAtRAndom.

Photo by ShotsAtRAdom; creative commons license

When I was a little girl in a Southern Baptist church, the preachers often talked about how we’d all recognize each other when we got to heaven.  Even as a child, I had a few problems with the way this scenario was presented to me.  Sometimes we were told that everyone would magically turn 33 again (the age of Jesus on the cross) and that’s the age we’d appear to be in heaven.  I had issues with this nice little fantasy!

First of all, I didn’t quite understand how we’d get to take our bodies with us.  Our physical bodies were sinful, after all.   Or look exactly the way we wanted to.  And if we looked exactly the way we wanted to, then how would anyone recognize us?  By the time I was a teenager, I already disliked any photograph that actually looked like me, so how would someone recognize me? I had a long way to go before I was 33 and who knew what I’d look like then?  How would I recognize my grandparents if they were walking around those streets of gold, carrying harps and being 33 when I’d never known them at 33?

Of course, the preachers, Sunday School teachers, and parents all seemed mortified at my questions.  Questions really weren’t allowed in the church I grew up in.  Questions meant doubts and doubts equaled “going to hell.”    So most people kept their mouths shut and tormented themselves in private.

But now I understand exactly how we might “recognize” each other in the afterlife, or next life, or heaven, or whatever you choose to call it.  It works just as well in this life, too, right now, here on Earth.Empath Subscriber List

After my grandfather died, he visited me in my dreams many times.  On one occasion, he appeared to me as a young man, in his 20’s, in a suit from the 1930’s.  It frightened me because I didn’t recognize him.  It was his energy, his essence, but not the way I’d known him.  In my dream, my anxiety saddened him and he became an old man again, and I was comfortable with that.

Since then, I’ve come to understand my empathic nature much more clearly.

Empath pageUnless my own emotions are very turbulent, I now will feel sadness, euphoria, or anxiety and know that something important is happening to a loved one.  I can often tell WHICH loved one.

More recently, I’ve had experiences where I felt someone’s scathing hatred—and I’ve been able to tell who was suddenly focused on me and verify it with physical evidence.  That’s a longer story and a more private story than I can explain here, but having that “recognition” of another person’s essence or energy physically and scientifically validated was a shock for me.  I didn’t have to hear her angry voice, see her enraged face, or even receive an email or IM from her.  I simply recognized the feel of this person’s energy when she focused on me and when she reacted to her thoughts of me, which were expressed hundreds of miles away to someone else at the same instant in time…to the exact minute.  I found it both disturbing (her mental state) as well as somewhat euphoric (my amazement at recognizing the signature of her energy and thoughts).  I’d had this happen with people I’d connected with emotionally in a love relationship but never with someone I wasn’t a fan of and usually not validated in such a physical way as this was.

But I still didn’t think of it in terms of “recognizing” someone without recognizing their physical presence.  Two things happened that made it clear for me—1.  I learned a lot about grave dirt in spells/rituals and 2.   a “stranger” friended me on Facebook.

A practitioner of what some people would ignorantly refer to as “Black Magick” explained how grave dirt is used in her rituals (these were rituals for protection, not harm, by the way, so stop being panicky).  From her explanation of dirt from a grave being “charged” with the energy of that person, I began to understand better that our bodies house our essence or energy and become “charged” so that other people associate who we really are with the bodies that carry us.  When those bodies die, they are still charged with that energy and when buried, the ground around them becomes charged with that energy.  Hence, a person who was a stronger protector in life might leave behind grave dirt that is highly charged with that protector-influence.  It’s like picking up a shirt left behind by an old lover and still finding his scent on it and smiling at the memories its charged with.    For most people, the concept of grave dirt carrying the energy of the person buried there is way too morbid or bizarre to think about, let alone to consider the recognition of that energy as anything other than “bad.”  Me, I find it to be an interesting correlation.  We might sense a loved one at a cemetery but we might also sense them in their homes.

I finally put it all together when I received an email from a name I didn’t recognize.  In the past, I’ve  opened emails and felt that person’s energy attached to their words, sometimes knowing the emotional content before I read a single word of it.  Some people use their emails magickally, and once you open the email, it’s considered “accepted” so that you get the brunt of whatever emotions  or persuasive ideas those words were charged with. Sensing the sender’s own energy or essence when opening an email is an odd feeling, but quite real and very specific to the person.  It’s like walking into a room and smelling gardenia perfume and knowing your grandmother is nearby.  Even if other people in your life wear gardenia perfume, it always mixed with your grandmother’s skin in such a way that it’s a unique scent.  In this case, the email wasn’t directly from the person with the strange name but through a social network, so it wasn’t as strong.  Still, there was something about the essence around that name that caught my attention.   I researched the name, which didn’t even vaguely resemble any birth name or married name of anyone I’d ever known, and found a piece of artwork online.  When I looked at the art, I felt the energy of a girl I’d known 28 years ago who has since disappeared and changed her name to start a life elsewhere.   Had I seen a picture of her, I would not have recognized her.  But her energy?  Yes.

So no, we don’t need our bodies in heaven to recognize each other.  In fact, we don’t need them here to recognize each other either.