Now Returning You to My Regularly Scheduled Programming….

I’ve been shying away from talking about certain subjects recently, and I promise I’m going to stop that.  Right now.

I pulled a series of articles/posts because I was afraid they’d be misconstrued by somone they weren’t about and would cause more trouble.  But it really doesn’t matter because I think anything I write about will be misconstrued to someone’s advantage if that’s what they want to do, and I don’t know that my silence makes anyone’s life better, particularly when it’s about them only if they make it about them.

Sometimes it’s a very fine line to keep such a blog as this.  I have written honestly about my life and insights knowing that many different kinds of people read my words–strangers, fans, my children, my mother, my ex-mom-in-law who hates my guts, my best friend, my former friends, my high school boyfriend, people I loved in college, my ex, my ex’s extended family and friends throughout North America, my coworkers, my students, my former High Priestess, my ex-boyfriends, men I’ve dated, the ex-wives and girlfriends of men I’ve dated, people from back home, neighbors, and my ex-husband’s girlfriend(s) before and after they became exes.  Whether people love or hate me, I’ve never really shied away from what I write.  I won’t stop writing about my spiritual insights just because I know someone who might make me squeamish is reading daily.  I write my truth regardless of who reads it, and if they don’t like it, there’s plenty else to read online.  I’m not forcing anyone to read what I have to say, nor am I forcing them to interpret it a certain way.

That said, I was upset that some of my posts have caused problems for certain people who know me and assumed it was all about them.  With strangers, they write and tell me what a coincidence it is that they’re going through the same thing I’ve written about.  With people who know me, they don’t assume a coincidence–they’re sure I know their secrets!

I’ll begin re-inserting the pulled posts this week.  I share some of them with a small group and learned that they are valuable enough that I need to get them out there to the people they really do help.