“Energetic Connections”: the Seventh Sense

When I talk about feeling energies or “energetic connections,” non-empaths usually think I’m crazy.  They don’t understand if they’ve never  experienced their world through that particular sense, much as a man blind from birth might not understand when I talk about the subtle hues of different colors.  Experiencing energy is really another sense—not a sixth sense but really more of a SEVENTH sense that goes above and beyond the intuition that is commonly accepted as sixth sense.Empath Subscriber List

Empaths and other “highly sensitive people”  experience energy in the same way as non-empaths understand sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste—and even sometimes intuition.  It’s a new level of interaction with the world around us.  Some people are born with it and for others, it must be cultivated, as with a sense of taste.  I have learned to like the taste of fine wine, dark chocolate, and to a much lesser extent even broccoli.   I have never liked the taste of beer, coffee, or cigarettes and have no intention of cultivating what others find pleasurable with that particular sense of taste.

My younger daughter is also an empath, but she doesn’t like it and shields against almost everything.   Her first significant experience with it was when she was a little girl and could pick up on my unhappy emotions, even when I was smiling, and would go to bed shaking because she knew things weren’t good between Mommy and Daddy, even though Mommy and Daddy were good at hiding it at that time.  In spite of so much shielding, she’s still the first one to know when a relative is dying, and perhaps that’s why she dislikes it so much.

She says that I relish being an empath, and truthfully, I do.  There is nothing quite as amazing as merging energetically with a romantic partner and feeling each other’s emotions, sensations, and passions.  It takes sexual chemistry to a point of alchemy.  There’s also a security to reaching out a tentacle to check on my mom or kids and knowing that they’re okay or to feeling something’s wrong and calling at just the right moment to talk them through it.

Empath pageIt’s the wonderful connections that help me to deal better with the overwhelming emotions I feel from others, the times when the energetic connections become a curse instead of a blessing.  With the sense of sight, it would be like looking into bright sunlight and being momentarily blinded.  With the sense of sound, it would be like standing in front of 15-foot speakers at a AC/DC concert in the 80’s until your ears hurt and later everything you hear seems muffled.  With the sense of touch, it would be like gentle rubbing turning to chafing turning to a bad case of monkey-butt.  The same with sensing energy—sometimes it’s so discordant that it hurts.

Usually when I speak of energetic connections, it’s in reference to feeling them.  This is when my “antennae” pick up the feelings of people in my environment as well as to people I’m emotionally connected to, even if they’re hundreds or thousands of miles away.  In fact, I’m more likely to feel the discordant emotions strongly when I’m not physically with a person but have that emotional connection.

Whereas I can “receive” these waves of energy like communication signals, I can also broadcast them.  I’m often not aware of it, unless I’m speaking with a fellow empath.    My daughter has stood with me when I’ve been drawing down a Full Moon and urged me to “Stop that!” because my energy was heating up the sphere around me.  I have many consecrated objects in my home, but I don’t feel their energy all the time.  Maybe that’s good because otherwise, I’d be buzzing in my skin.  I can easily feel someone else’s energy on an object or the sizzle of energy of a consecrated sacred object, but my own can be identical and I cannot feel it.  Others will walk into a room—even people who don’t consider themselves to be empaths—and either feel the energy coming off my consecrated items or be instantly drawn to them.

I liken my not being aware of my own transmission of energy or the energy of my sacred tools to the sense of smell.  Initially, it may be strong, but then I get used to it and it fades into the background of daily life.



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