Reverend Wright’s Conspiracy Theory about HIV and AIDS

Book cover:  the second edition of Access, the first novel published by Spilled Candy Books.

If Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s allegations of the US Government developing AIDS to get rid of undesirables sounds like a conspiracy theory novel…it is.

The book is called ACCESS, and it’s a spiritual suspense thriller written in 1996-97 and first published in 1999.  It’s based on Government documents that were newly declassified in 1995 as well as some oddball statutes and Congressional testimony that, oddly enough, is now nowhere to be found online.  

Much of it is, however, still found in the book, including Congressional testimony about a contract to create what strongly resembles HIV.  A lot has changed since then–biological warfare agents like anthrax and botulinum toxin (botox) were uncommon terms for most Americans, bunker busters weren’t regularly discussed on CNN, and La Femme Nikitawas the closest thing going to the action-adventure heroine who was tough-as-nails on the outside but vulnerable inside, which was long before the spate of Alias-type heroines on TV this century.  At the time, the novel’s concept was rather original, both in content and characters, though it starts very, very slowly before turning into a frantic pageturner in the last third.

So much of the technology in this book in the mid-90’s is just now becoming widely known but the conspiracy theories are uncomfortably close to what Obama’s friend, Rev. Wright,  clearly believes the US Government is capable of doing.  I wonder if he read the book, read the same research that went into it, or if he’s just theorizing without knowing the documents that really were out there, available to the public who knew where to look, back in 1996.